Uio Loi “Cane 4 (Excerpt)”

20 Feb 2013 — Trey Reis

The always consistent Opal Tapes has just dropped a couple of new releases for our listening pleasure, one by Lumigraph (as previously reported) and this one by the mysterious Uio Loi. In true Opal Tapes fashion, this Uio Loi track takes something nearly familiar and tears it to shreds. In this case, it’s a kind of neo-disco beat force-fed through a wall of distorted trance filters. The result is a something of a decimated-Blade Runner-esque look at a potential future of trance music, wherein flamethrowing industrial chimneys tower over a cityscape filled with seizure-inducing neon advertising and the patched-up remains of the city that used to exist underneath. It’s refreshing and stands as proof of Opal Tapes' forward-thinking take on many of the trends in tape music currently being explored nearly to their own limits.

Listen to the “Cane 4” excerpt below from the upcoming Uio Loi tape.