Vanilla Hammer “The Big Fight Live”

05 Nov 2012 — Henning Lahmann

patten's immensely intriguing cassette imprint Kaleidoscope continues with its output of astonishing, highly conceptual string of sonic art with its third release, Vanilla Hammer's Retreat. Sadly, the strictly limited edition of five (5!) actual tapes sold out in the blink of an eye last night, but nonetheless it seems worthwhile to recap the imprint's compelling approach: 

"The seven tracks were produced in a master version (available digitally) which was then re-performed live directly to the first tape. An exquisite corpse-like process followed, with each subsequent cassette a remixing/reworking of the material from the former, again directly through to tape."

Or in other words, you'd need to get your hands on all five tapes in order to really grasp the concept and to be able to appreciate it. Nonetheless, the 'music in itself', whatever that might mean within this context, definitely is interesting enough to deserve your attention, neatly falling in line with this year's bulk of releases that explore the intersections between noise and dance music. Not exactly dancefloor-ready, the seven mostly brief pieces develop a coherent and pretty mesmerizing surge of sonic attacks. Take a listen to the distorted psychedelia of EP closer "The Big Fight Live" below.

Retreat's "master version" is available digitally for free over here.


The Kaleidoscope alumni Karen Gwyer and Sculpture additionally unveiled two very intriguing remixes of the Retreat tracks "Cro Magnum" and "Alabaster Circuits" today in order to celebrate the label's third release. Listen to both below.


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