Video: CTM - “Jewel”.

26 Oct 2012 — Henning Lahmann

Wonderful, enchanting video for the equally lovely "Jewel", the first song to be unveiled by Copenhagen-based Cæcilie Trier, whose new solo project CTM has all the attributes to become just another globally cherished Scandinavian pop darling. Trier, as the story goes, has a musical history of singing for Chimes & Bells and playing the cello in acclaimed outfit Choir Of Young Believers, but that doesn't necessarily have to be of any interest for you, as "Jewel" in all its twisted simplicity is exactly what it needs to be, and nothing more: an extraordinarily well produced, perfectly arranged pop song with irresistible hooks, magnificent escalations and some extra-seductive vocal duties. CTM's debut EP Variations is set to be released January 28, 2013, via Danish imprint Tambourhinoceros. Photo by Luca Berti.