Watch: Mathematique “Summer, But I Don’t Know” (exclusive)

19 May 2014 — Parker Bruce

Last month, thanks to Stellar Kinematics, Montreal's Mathematique presented the Feel EP, and it has become a bit of an NFOP favorite with loping, zipping "Summer, But I Don't Know" being played on the NFOP radio show on Berlin Community Radio a little while ago. Now we have the video for that track, directed by Jason Harvey (just like the Antoine93 one earlier today), who's done videos for Mac DeMarco, No Joy,  Majical Cloudz, and Alex Calder as well. The majority of the split screen (sometimes triptych-employing) video is set in a mint pastel room with Mathematique and two friends dancing around with close ups of, among other things, various potted plants (very Bok Bok verdant), a laptop open on a chair "playing" the song, falling green jello, an old amusing flip phone that is opened on a stool, water gushing over rocks, and Mathematique balancing a bowl on her head. It all comes off as a small-scale version of New Radicals' "You Get What You Give" 1998 video.

Mathematique's Eurotour starts on May 24th in Kraków with a June Berlin date with other NFOP fave, Magic Island, on the bill as well. Bon Voyage!