Watch: Opale “Les Champs Magnétiques”

18 Mar 2013 — Henning Lahmann

Opale is the Paris-based duo of Madrid native Rocío Ortiz and French artist Sophia Hamadi, whose 2012 debut EP as Playground turned quite a few heads with its eerie, transcendent synth soundscapes somewhere between 80s cold wave tropes and latter day, drone-informed ambient psychedelia. The follow-on project taps into the same undercurrents, again relying on reduced, clinical wave bass lines and glacial synth incursions. Below, watch the Elise Tippins-made video for "Les Champs Magnétiques", the first track off Opale's forthcoming LP L'Incandescent, which will be out in May via Stellar Kinematics and Heia Sun.