Watch: Rough Days For Diamond Trade “Anywhere”

30 Nov 2012 — Henning Lahmann

Ponderous names for unceremonious pop projects: Rough Days For Diamond Trade is the imaginative (and assumedly profound) if unwieldy moniker for the musical solo endeavour by Berlin via Copenhagen filmmaker Frederik Sølberg, whose debut EP Somehow is set to be released via elusive imprint Looking Forward in mid-December. As somehow expected, the project's output is all stylish and sophisticated and well-considered, not without some twisted edges but overall definitely airplay-ready. Watch the well-crafted video for first single "Anywhere" below and see for yourself. If things come across as a little bleak, that's just because we haven't had the time to start dancing yet. Now think about that.

Together with our friends at Nordic By Nature, NFOP presents Rough Days For Diamond Trade's EP release show at Monarch on Wednesday, December 12. For more details head over here.