Hubie Davison “Haven / Yeh Sai”

12 Dec 2012 — Henning Lahmann


With that whole anonymity shtick among electronic artists that this year seemed to be more present than ever in underground music, it's rather refreshing to encounter a young and ambitious artist who simply starts uploading samples of his work to a Soundcloud account that bears his actual name, with no pretentious secrets here whatsoever. And quite an impressive, highly promising work it already is. Though originally from Ireland, Hubie Davison has been enrolled at Goldsmiths in London for the past two years, where he studies studio composition. Not considering himself being part of any particular scene, Hubie nonetheless demonstrates that he is very much aware of what's up in contemporary UK these days, showcasing a surprisingly refined, very intriguing blend of contemporary bass music tropes. Intricately arranged and sonically expansive, even if his recording setup has been rather limited so far, his first tracks are truly exciting, and rest assured that we're not the only ones who think so. Below, take a listen to two equally enticing examples of Hubie Davison's work, and watch out for him to return in 2013. And oh, that might actually happen under a different moniker.