Old Apparatus “Dourado”

29 Nov 2012 — Henning Lahmann

Two days ago, we finally managed to properly introduce one of our favourite musical endeavours of 2012, London-based artist collective Old Apparatus. The final EP of their trilogy of "solo" recordings has finally arrived, a four-track work named after its producer, who's only known under his nom de guerre Harem. We've written about the group's propensity to the darker shades before, but Harem nonetheless marks an even more definite and irreversible step towards bleakness. The EP's tracks feature a chilling ambience and transcendent remoteness that puts this effort in close proximity to the works of Raime or Demdike Stare. Penultimate track "Dourado" is particularly haunting with its dismal, post-euphoric tribalism that ends in a disconnected, ambiguous signal interference that seems to bury a distant cry of despair. Take a listen below.

Harem is out on Sullen Tone, get it digitally here or pre-order it on vinyl over here.