Cherushii “Memory of Water” (exclusive)

30 Jul 2015 — Evelyn Malinowski

Between her freshman release and upcoming tape, San Francisco's Chelsea Faith aka Cherushii has been busy applying her distinctive style to a variety of areas. Given that she is an active DJ and music maker, we can find plenty of self-released material on her Bandcamp, such as delightful Nobody's Fool EP and Starlight Express EP, whose feelgood watercolor artwork is provided by Faith's sister. Her one-year old remix of Fina Fisken's "Save The Day" is a strongwilled, trancey must-have, even if "trancey" steers you clear.

While it's laughably typical to describe the world of Cherushii as glitter-filled, SF to a T, rave pop, or techno textbook, these catchphrases nonetheless fit the bill, although Faith has an easy time excercizing her broader musicality. Memory of Water, for example, is a melodic journey within pop framework and solacing ambient overtones. It departs from 4-to the floor confetti and eases the listener into a sweet, warm storyline. Starting off with "I Dreamed I Saw You By The Lake," an absorbent, beatless anthem, our ears are effortlessly nestled into this album's particular mood and tuning. By the time "Pillow Palace" begins, sentiments like smiling and intrigue are submitted to. "Thin Line" features Not Not Fun all-star Maria Minerva, a real life homegirl and tour companion of Faith. It's really nice to hear Minerva within this context, and I would love to see a music video for this piece which feels like a long-lost Petshop Boys hit. Other tracks like "Ultraviolet Nights" and "Moonflower Galaxy" have their appositeness to the dancefloor, but, supplant tracks always take us back to a spacious, at-ease destination. "Everything Is In Color" is a Neverending Story, Moroder-esque statement of vibrant severity, a testament of how intensely enrapturous - and fun - space and time can be (if you think about it). That's an utterly Sagittarian quality.

Memory Of Water is highly recommended and out as soon as August 14th on 100% Silk.

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