Street Gnar “Lift Up”

09 Aug 2013 — Parker Bruce

French label Atelier Ciseaux, who were last seen in May putting out that awesome Police Des Moeurs EP, will now give us Street Gnar's (for riffs on gnar's meaning see hereShrine EP on October 1. Street Gnar's real name is awesomely Case Mahan which sounds like the name of a small town detective. He's from Kentucky, and his music is posited like: "Repetitive, nervous tension and driving rhythms for a perfect dreamy sunday," which sounds about right. His vocals call to mind those of Seth Bogart from Hunx and His Punx and Cullen Omori from Smith Westerns. "Lift Up" is all light taps and tufting with a simple guitar part that sidles its way about groovily. In fact, the whole thing conveys a very parsed grooviness. Get your hands on the EP here before the 300 white vinyl are all gone! Also check out his album Kenwicked from February.

(via Ad Hoc)

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