Vogelbat “Nuuk”

27 Jul 2015 — Andrew Darley

After years of working with traditional instruments in bands and on soundtracks, David Sheenan decided to see what music he could make using only his laptop. In 2013, Sheenan relocated from Ireland to Berlin to study history at university, leaving all his instruments, equipment and synthesizers at home. Without these by his side, he gave himself the challenge of creating a record digitally. Under his producer name of Vogelbat, his abstract electronic style is beat-driven with manipulated vocals and treated samples. His self-titled debut album, expected later this year, features glitchy hip-hop ("OXI", "Spectred Pile"), silky ominous trip-hop ("Barred From Berghain") with moments of sweetness like the string sounds on "Kita-Ku". "Nuuk" is an initial taste of the album and a promising start for Vogelbat. Take a listen below.

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