Saa “On Me (Interlude)”

05 Mar 2013 — Henning Lahmann

The bad news first, the three overwhelmingly awesome tracks by UK duo Saa aka Old Apparatus' A. Levitas and Linn Carin Dirdal that we debuted recently and that so many other sites were rightfully excited about as well, have been taken down from the project's Soundcloud. So if you somehow missed out on that, poor you. However, those bad news most likely entail good ones as well, as such things of course usually mean that we can expect a proper release sometime soon (on a side note, the same thing just happened to another young and tremendously talented UK artist as well, Hubie Davison, whose excellent material will see a release on beloved Berlin imprint Leisure System). In fact, that's also what this little Facebook post suggests. Anyway, as some sort of consolation, the duo posted this little instrumental yesterday, an interlude that might not be in any way as significant as the previous tracks (not least due to the lack of Dirdal's fantastic vocals), but it's a nice little piece of ambient nonetheless, so we guess it'll do for now. More info hopefully soon.